We are designers. We make things - Fabio Benedetti @ BWS'17

1) Introduction: Design the world around us.
Everyone is a designer, design means to make something, not only taking care of the form but of the function too.
2) Visual Design versus UX design. Why so many names?
(e.g. Senior designer, web designer, ui designer, ux designer, web graphic designer, lead designer, senior ui designer, digital designer, interactive designer, digital artist… and so on)
This world wants us to be very specific, but in the end we are all designers.
3) The importance of Icon Design in 2017. We’re going Towards a world without words.
One of my areas of expertise. Brief talk on where the visual language is going. People use more and more icons and symbols, less words to communicate.
4) Tools: Photoshop and others tools - such as FW, Sketch and Adobe XD
Ideas matters. Tools not as much. Based on my personal experience, an overview on how the tools can help you but they MUST not limit you.